Snippet #5

‚ÄčA Window

A window is a portal into a world which is always poles apart from the one I’m in. It’s an escape sure, but for me its a touchstone that I’m always attracted towards in a room, a car or anywhere. A frame through which I can look at the sky, the permanence of it, and feel stable and grounded. It makes me think of unconfinement and the world outside a wall of bricks; of possibilities. Telling me that anything can happen if we just search outside the restricted space and think differently. A window is my friend. It shares stories with me that no one else can. Intriguing me, enthralling me. The passing views experienced on a journey through it, each frame reciting a new side of life and light-in sync or in contrast. It is a stilled frame of time, it’s beautiful. It’s mine.


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