Vile Romance And Teenage Crimes

Vile romance and teenage crimes are very much alike. Both are committed in hot blooded rage that defies the laws of fate and time. In wild passion and thoughtless actions that make for consequences so severe that the heart trembles in its seat just thinking about it. But what could’ve been done to prevent the casualties when both the parties jumped willingly off the cliff. Why cover the trail for them? They don’t worry about saving face. They breathe for the rush of adventures that comes on that journey when they rush into their lover’s embrace. Why not let the hunters tear their flesh apart, they think. They have the strength and zeal to fight till they win. Because they are the wild creatures of God that stepped into this earth knowing it’s gathering troops against them. Pure, seeking love and care, they’re the true gems. They fight their demons and peers alike with passion and sin in heart and mind. Risking breaths each second on the edge of a silken knife. Teenage crimes must be like a vile romance, doomed from the beginning but pure- not satanic. And to them, those believers of lies everything counts, each kiss, each lick. The feeling of bliss in their veins as they run into the sunset’s red light, not thinking about luck but of being alive. Being the truth. Being wild.


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