Daily Prompt: Blindly

Not trusting someone is a very fickle thing for me. You see, I have had the wholesome childhood filled with love and security, affection and just the right part of strictness so that I knew the difference between right and wrong. But that doesn’t stop me from seeing the good in everyone.

I think I got a rearing too good for this cruel world. Where we are supposed to be skeptical of strangers, I smiled at them and trusted them with common courtesy. I think I got morals too black and white and not grey enough. Beacuse even though now I’m not scared to say “bra” or “period” in a public place I fear for my gentle friend who made a mistake of being herself years ago and is still facing the consequence. I trusted blindly in the goodness of this world where I thought fairytales were true and I believed I would stumble upon my soulmate just around the corner of my house or in my college corridor but you see now I’m scared of this reality.

Because all might not be good and pure here, but those who are bad are stupid too.




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