Intimidating…And Intimate.

Dear Lover,

Earlier, ​I was the silence in shadows, prevailing in every corner and nook you never reached into…unknown to you but there. I was ever present during every evil you faced, supporting you with my very being, unknown to you still. But I shined bright around the bonfire in your backyard during last Valentine week. You stared straight into me, for hours on end and I considered for the first time how eye contact could be so intimidating….and intimate.

I considered myself the darkness to your light. The sharp edge to your smooth cut glass. I fancied you long before you tripped me into love with you. But when the silence around me shimmered with your noise, just because you called for me to step out, I knew then how amazing being noticed could be. How intimate eye contact was. This anxiousness inside me calmed and I found my resting place, my home in your arms.

With Love,



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